On Monday morning, a man in his early 30s collapsed from an overdose in his home on Ayala Street in Jerusalem. Worried family members call medical services for help.

Shimon Uzan, a United Hatzalah EMT volunteer, was just on his way to work in the Ministry of Defense when he got alerted about the emergency. Shimon was already on his ambucycle and drove off to the emergency. When Shimon arrived just a moment later, another volunteer was at the scene and the two worked together. After quickly checking for vital signs and finding none, Shimon initiated chest compression while the other EMT  attached her bag valve mask to the patient’s mouth, pressing on the BVM at regular intervals in order to provide assisted ventilation in full CPR protocol.

A few minutes after the volunteers arrived, a mobile intensive care ambulance joined the efforts to save the woman’s life. The paramedic on board opened an IV line and provided the patient with an anti-overdose drug. Shimon continued providing chest compressions trying to revive the patient. As the rescue efforts kicked in, the patient began to spasm. The combined EMS team continued CPR efforts until the patient’s pulse came back. After the patient’s condition was stabilized, he was moved onto a stretcher bed and transported to the nearest hospital for further care.

After the incident ended Shlomo recounted: “I started being an EMT because my brother-in-law passed away due to a cardiac arrest back in France. When I made Aliyah I decided to learn what to do in emergency situations so others won’t have to lose their loved ones, as I did. Thankfully, the CPR ended successfully. We worked hard trying to revive the patient, and after 30 minutes he regained his pulse. As an EMT I don’t bring my personal feelings to emergency scenes, I stay calm and collected even when it seems hopeless, in some cases the patients survive just because I was persistent. Today wasn’t the first time I saved a person’s life, but each life I save is, in a small way, in honor of my brother-in-law. I’m happy that I could do him proud today.”

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