On Tuesday in Ashdod, a man in his 70s was found unconscious in his bed just after 10 a.m., prompting a frantic call to the emergency services.

A United Hatzalah ambulance arrived on the scene in 90 seconds and began delivering critical care to the unconscious patient.

Upon their arrival, the United Hatzalah team discovered the elderly individual lying motionless on the bed, unresponsive and devoid of a pulse or breathing. The team swiftly connected a defibrillator but no electric shock was delivered. Simultaneously they initiated CPR providing chest compressions and assisted ventilation to ensure oxygen circulation continued within the patient’s body.

Several minutes later, a paramedic arrived and took command of the CPR efforts. After approximately ten minutes of CPR administered by the joint medical team, signs of life began to reemerge. The patient regained a pulse, resumed breathing independently and briefly opened his eyes. A subsequent blood sugar test revealed low levels, prompting the administration of appropriate medication to stabilize the man’s condition.

Ensuring the patient’s continued well-being, the United Hatzalah ambulance coordinated with an intensive care ambulance for his prompt evacuation to a medical facility and the elderly man was successfully transported with a pulse.

David Hagbi, a medical student and one of the volunteer responders who participated in the life-saving intervention, reflected on the experience and said, “Taking part in this CPR effort and seeing the man regain his pulse and breathing is an incredible privilege. It shows the importance of swift action during emergencies. Every second counts in saving a life.”

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