On a recent Monday afternoon in Afula, a 30-year-old woman exited the gym only to come into contact with a substance she was severely allergic to. Within moments, she experienced an alarming allergic reaction, resulting in facial swelling, eye inflammation, and difficulty breathing. Medical services received a call for help from the scene and sent out alerts to medical teams.

Roman Bondarenko, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT happened to be nearby when his proximity alert went off, notifying him of the unfolding emergency. Racing to his car, Roman swiftly maneuvered through traffic, making his way to the scene to help.

Upon his arrival, he met Shmuel Shaulzon, a United Hatzalah volunteer paramedic, who had also responded to the distress call. Together, the two volunteers assessed the situation and discovered the woman struggling to breathe, her face and lips swollen from the severe allergic reaction. The clock was ticking, and every second counted.

Realizing the gravity of the woman’s condition, Roman and Shmuel immediately sprang into action. The pair administered an EpiPen injection, a life-saving tool designed to counteract severe allergic reactions. After the injection, the woman’s symptoms began to disappear quickly. With each passing minute, her facial swelling and eye inflammation began to subside, and her breathing returned to normal. Several minutes later, an intensive care ambulance arrived and evacuated her to the nearby hospital for further care and medical checks.

Reflecting on the incident, Roman Bondarenko said, “This demonstrates the importance of the EpiPen,” he said earnestly. “It’s a quick and effective tool that helps us stabilize our patients quickly.”

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