Late Saturday night, three weeks ago, United Hatzalah dispatch alerted Dov Eichler to a medical emergency in Jerusalem’s Rehavia neighborhood. The dedicated volunteer immediately jumped on his ambucycle and raced to the address. He had left from the string bridge by the entrance to the city and arrived in less than 60 seconds!

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Dov rushed into the 4th-floor apartment and found a frantic woman sitting next to a locked door. “My husband is inside and suddenly stopped talking,” she said. “I am very worried for him. Can you break in?” The United Hatzalah medic forced open the door and rushed into the room, finding the man lying unconscious on the ground. Together with other volunteer EMS personnel who arrived, including a doctor who volunteers with the organization, Dov determined that the man was pulseless, and immediately began CPR. A responding police officer also joined in the resuscitative efforts. Together they provided intense rounds of chest compressions interspersed with assisted ventilations for more than 40 minutes. After almost pronouncing the patient dead, Dov and the other responders detected a pulse. The team transferred  Dov the patient to the ambulance to be rushed to the hospital.

“I work in the field of journalism,” said Dov, “I know all about the importance of speed and deadlines. In these instances where life and death is really on the line, speed is of the utmost importance. I am very thankful to United Hatzalah for giving me the opportunity to be able to make a difference and save lives every day.”