A few months ago a young couple brought their precious 8 day-old son to their local synagogue for his brit mila. The ceremony was emotional and fulfilling but quickly turned to horror as the infant suddenly stopped breathing and went limp in the hands of one of the family members at the ceremony.

Someone in the audience called for United Hatzalah and within moments ambucycle 344 transported one of United Hatzalah’s volunteers, Lior to the scene. Lior described the environment as somewhat surreal as he ran into the synagogue sanctuary still wearing his motorcycle helmet and protective jacket carrying his rescue bag and defibrillator.

The well-dressed but shocked audience made way for the unlikely looking savior. Lior made a rapid assessment of the infant and reported to United Hatzalah dispatch that he was initiating CPR. At first there was no response from the unconscious baby but shortly thereafter began to show signs of life.

Lior redoubled his efforts and with the help of additional crew members continued CPR until a pulse returned. The still critically ill baby was transported to hospital where he has since made a complete recovery. Family members had contacted United Hatzalah to express their thanks to Lior and United Hatzalah.