Last Monday UH medic David Badar received the dispatch about a two-truck accident on Highway #4 near his home. He responded immediately on his ambucycle and arrived within two minutes first on the scene. This was all the more critical because the ensuing traffic caused by the accident made vehicular access difficult and delayed the ambulances.

David found the two drivers injured due to a collision between their trucks, with the more seriously wounded driver trapped in the crushed cab. He extricated him from the cab and placed him on the ground. He immediately immobilized him to prevent spine injuries, administered an IV and staunched and bandaged a bleeding head wound. (Prompt treatment for head wounds is vital to prevent deterioration of the patient’s condition and for his eventual recovery.) For twelve minutes David worked single-handedly until two additional volunteers arrived to assist with the first driver and treat the second driver who was suffering from light bleeding and shock.

Ten minutes later the ambulances arrived and together they transferred the patients to the ambulances to be taken to the hospital. Thanks to the quick response time the patients recovery time has been decreased dramatically.