Last week, just as Yonatan, rider of ambucycle 275 came home from work and called hello to his wife, his beeper rang – a child had been knocked over. Running back out the house and onto his ambucycle, he was on scene in under 60 seconds!

His heart leapt as he saw the limp body of a little boy under the wheels of a pick-up truck, next to his twisted bike. The experienced medic was under the vehicle and at the child’s side in seconds. The 8-year old child had been struck with force and had sustained serious injuries to his arms and legs. Another ambucycle medic joined him and helped him bandage, immobilize and extricate the child from under the vehicle. Yonatan’s concern extended to the child’s parents as he scrolled through the child’s cell phone memory to locate the parents’ number and inform them of the accident.

Thanks to this ambucycle and its driver, this little boy has the greatest chance of a complete recovery, the chance to grow into an adult.