Yisrael Frankel, is an exceptionally dedicated volunteer who is always ready to drop what he’s doing to take a call from United Hatzalah dispatch.

A driver lost control of his vehicle and the car skidded and crashed. Yisrael was alerted to the accident and jumped on his ambucycle to race to save a life. On scene in minutes, your partner found the young driver seriously injured. He had sustained a head wound as well as hand and chest injuries. The experienced medic was at his side in seconds to bandage the bleeding wounds, administer oxygen, immobilize the patient to prevent further damage, and set up an IV line. The ambulance arrived sometime after him and assisted the United Hatzalah volunteer in treating the injured man. Your partner then helped transfer him to the ambulance for swift transport to the hospital where is currently on the road to recovery.

Yisrael with his ambucycle made a huge difference to this man’s survival and recovery. The ambucycle enabled him to receive medical care in the minutes he needed it most.