A year ago, on a wintery Shabbos day, Rabbi B. suffered a cardiac arrest in his house in Beitar Ilit. His son urgently alerted emergency services and began to administer CPR. 

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Yaakov Wallach was davening at a shul across the street when he received a notification on his communications device. He quickly responded, ran across the street, and arrived at the scene in under 90 seconds.

Finding the patient not breathing and without a pulse, Wallach attached a defibrillator and administered an electric shock. Shortly afterward, United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Elkana Broyer arrived at the scene and assisted Wallach with resuscitation efforts until the patient regained a pulse. Rabbi B. was transported to the hospital for further care and released a few days later.

Two weeks later, on Friday night, Rabbi B. suffered a second cardiac arrest. This time, Broyer was the first to arrive at the scene. He attached a defibrillator and administered three electric shocks, after which Rabbi B. regained consciousness and was again transported to the hospital. Thankfully, despite suffering from multiple cardiac arrests within a short period, Rabbi B. made a full recovery. He is alive today due to the quick response of the United Hatzalah EMTs who revived him.

Last week, a ceremony was held at the Beitar Ilit United Hatzalah volunteer center. During the event, deputy branch head Yossi Reinitz unveiled a brand new defibrillator that was generously donated to the branch. The donor was none other than Rabbi B., who chose to commemorate the anniversary of his double miracle by donating this vital piece of equipment to help save additional lives.

“This defibrillator is donated on 13 Shevat, the anniversary of my first cardiac arrest”, said Rabbi B. at the ceremony. “It is being donated in honor of the dear United Hatzalah volunteers who helped save my life and for the merit of continued health and success of my family members.”