On a recent Wednesday afternoon, a young teenager experienced a severe allergic reaction after consuming tilapia in Moshav Luzit. Her father promptly notified emergency services.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Yaakov Baruch was at home when he received an alert on his communications device about an anaphylaxis call on his street. Recognizing the address as one of his neighbors, he swiftly responded and arrived at the scene within 30 seconds. 

Upon entering the house, Baruch found the patient covered in hives and struggling to breathe. He promptly retrieved his EpiPen and administered it, leading to an immediate improvement in her condition.

Moments later, United Hatzalah volunteer EMTs Dor Revizdah, along with Gili and Mazal Jamo, arrived. Together, they administered oxygen and continued to monitor the patient’s vitals while awaiting the arrival of the Advanced Life Support Ambulance. 

After approximately 25 minutes, the ambulance reached the scene, and the paramedic administered medication to the patient. She was then transported to Barzilai Medical Center for further care.

“I’m really grateful I was able to save my neighbor’s daughter,” reflected Baruch after the incident. “In our moshav, as was the case here, it takes at least 20 minutes for intensive care ambulances to arrive at emergency scenes, so it’s critical for the first responders from the community to provide lifesaving treatment. I truly feel that I saved a life today.”