One recent afternoon, a worker fell off a newly casted concrete ledge at a water park under construction in Modi’in, landing on a pile of wooden beams. Coworkers urgently called for help.

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Yigal’s ambucycle outside of the waterpark in Modi’inUnited Hatzalah volunteer EMT Yigal Levi was at work when the alert came in and immediately dashed outside to his ambucycle. He rushed over to the water park and was the first emergency responder at the scene. Yigal found the 38-year-old victim suffering from multiple injuries including a major head wound that a fellow construction worker had put a dirty cloth on to try and stop the bleeding. 


Yigal immediately checked the fallen worker for arterial bleeding and began treatment. He cleaned the head wound and put a new sterile bandage on the injury as well as treating other abrasions. An additional United Hatzalah EMT arrived on the scene. The duo maintained initial immobilization and completed a field trauma assessment. When the ambulance arrived sometime later, Yigal assisted as the now-stabilized patient was placed inside for transport to the hospital.


“I arrived first at the scene and saw the man bleeding from his head. I bandaged his wounds and then other volunteers arrived, as well as an ambulance. Thankfully the worker was not injured too badly but at construction sites, we never take chances.” Yigal relayed after the incident.


“It is a great feeling to volunteer with an organization that does good work such as United Hatzalah. Everywhere I go people give way when they see my ambucycle. It is more than just a vehicle, it is a symbol of something good that the community here at large recognizes as something incredibly helpful. People often wave at me or give me a thumbs-up sign as I drive past. Knowing that the community recognizes that we are here to help gives me a terrific sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Every time I go out with my ambucycle to help someone, more people recognize just how helpful we are and are thankful that we are around. It makes a difference in the entire community at large and helps everyone feel a little bit safer when they know that we are around.”