United Hatzalah paramedic Liad Ohana was traveling by train from his home in Ofakim to Tel Aviv on Monday morning when he heard screams coming from the seat behind him. A man had collapsed and was unconscious. Liad immediately rushed over to the man checked his pulse and having found none, began compressions. 

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Liad Ohana at a training drill (illustration)


“I was on my way to report for military reserve duty when I heard screams coming from right behind me. I rushed over to the man who had collapsed. He was in a state of agonal breathing. I began chest compressions while I instructed those around me to call for help. After a few minutes, the man’s pulse returned. Emergency medical teams from the train as well as an ambulance team rushed to the nearest station where they waited for the train to arrive.” 


One of the passengers pulled the emergency brake and the shift supervisor of Israel Railways identified the location of the train and sent the emergency shift manager at HaHagana station to board the train. He brought a defibrillator onboard but the man had already returned to consciousness. The machine was not used. As the man was in stable condition the train continued to Savidor station where an ambulance team awaited to take the patient to the hospital. 


Ohana added: “I have never seen a situation quite like this before. After a few rounds of compressions, the man regained his pulse and after a few minutes regained consciousness. By the time we arrived at the station, he was conscious.”