Yehuda, driver of ambucycle 378 was at home in the afternoon one day when he was alerted to a potentially life-threatening situation – an elderly man who lived alone had not answered the phone to his daughter for 2 days. Your dedicated partner raced out the house, jumped on your ambucycle and sped along the roads to arrive first at the address. He knocked; there was no answer. The concerned daughter was on the phone, telling him to try the window. The resourceful medic managed to open the window and his heart jumped at the sight of a man lying prone on the floor just as a foul smell hit his nose.

Yehuda squeezed through the window and was by his side as quickly as humanly possible. He was surprised to find that not only was the man alive, he was still conscious! Your partner took the man’s vital signs, checked for spinal and head injury and then gently lifted the elderly man to the couch. Once ascertaining the elderly man was in stable condition, your caring partner took him to the shower. Gently, he assisted the man to clean himself from the days-old excrement and filth, then dressed him in clean, fresh clothes. With his health and human dignity restored, the man was transported to hospital for treatment and observation.

Two weeks later, fully recovered, the elderly man knocked on your partner’s door with a bottle of wine as he thanked him profusely for coming to his rescue.