As every United Hatzalah ambucycle, ambucycle 448 is on duty 24/7/365 helping save lives every single day. Ariel Atias, the driver of said ambucycle, told us an incredible story that occured to him – and his ambucycle. 

Ariel was alerted to a serious multi-vehicle accident on the highway. Driving his ambucycle he was first to arrive in an amazingly short time. He encountered a scene of absolute chaos. Many people were hurt; some were conscious and some not responding at all. Several were trapped in their cars. Screams from the hysterical victims rent the air.

Ariel performed triage to prioritize the injured people based on the urgency of their need for medical treatment. Eight people were in critical condition with either head, chest or/and abdominal wounds. Ariel called for more volunteers and within minutes fifteen United Hatzalah medics arrived from various locations. True to United Hatzalah’s credo, they worked together systematically, unified by a common level of training, equipment and experience, and the patients were treated in rapid succession.

The swift arrival, triage, treatment and evacuation had saved the day – and many lives too. This was made possible by the wonderful United Hatzalah ambucycles along with our skilled and dedicated volunteers.