An emergency electric bicycle outfitted with first response equipment, lights and sirens, was stolen from an apartment complex on Malchei Yisrael Street in Tel Aviv on the first day of Sukkot. The emergency bicycle was given by United Hatzalah EMS organization to Zohar Sukenik, a volunteer EMT with the organization. The theft was reported to the police who succeeded in tracking down the bicycle and returned it to Sukenik towards the end of the Sukkot holiday.

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Zohar Sukenik receives her emergency E-Bike back from the police

“I was ecstatic to receive the stolen bicycle back again,” Sukenik said after police had returned the stolen bicycle. “The electric bicycle allows me to reach sick and injured patients in my area quickly in order to provide them with first aid treatment faster. The theft severely hampered my ability to help people and save lives. I want to thank the police who invested a lot of resources to locate and return the bicycle to me. After I replace the medical supplies that were in the bicycle and that not yet been located I can return to my full duties and provide proper medical care to anyone who needs it.”

The theft which occurred on the first morning of Sukkot was filmed by security cameras near the building. The following Sunday the police caught the suspects who stole the lifesaving bicycle. The two suspects are aged 44 and 41 and were brought to a municipal court in Tel Aviv for their primary hearing later that day.