On a recent Tuesday morning in Jerusalem, parents were feeding their 6-month-old baby and introduced him to tahini for the first time. Within minutes, the baby developed a severe allergic reaction. The infant’s parents immediately called emergency services, seeking urgent help.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Shalom Klein, alerted to the emergency through his proximity alert system, sprang into action as the first responder on the scene. Arriving promptly, Shalom was confronted with a distressing sight – a baby boy with swollen lips and tongue, struggling to breathe, and covered in a worrisome rash.

Recognizing the symptoms as indicative of an anaphylactic shock, the volunteer knew immediate intervention was crucial. Without hesitation, he administered a life-saving EpiPen injection, delivering a dose of epinephrine to counteract the severe allergic reaction. The powerful medication quickly took effect, and the infant’s breathing became less labored. The swelling in the lips and tongue began to subside, providing much-needed relief to the child.

As the symptoms continued to recede, the EMT monitored his condition while awaiting the arrival of a mobile intensive care ambulance. Several minutes later, the ambulance team arrived and transported the infant to the nearest hospital for further treatment and observation.

Reflecting on the incident, Shalom emphasized the importance of having an EpiPen readily available. “It’s a great thing I had an EpiPen in my medical kit,” he stated. “An EpiPen can save a person’s life within minutes and is a huge help for both EMTs and patients.”

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