On Thursday morning, a 50-year-old woman went into cardiac arrest in the middle of her shift at a concrete factory in Migdal Tefen in Northern Israel. Worried staff alerted their coworkers who then called EMS for help.

Anan Merey, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT who also works at the factory, was in the middle of his shift in another building when his proximity alert went off and his coworkers came running to him for help. Anan left his post immediately and ran to the building where the medical emergency was located. When Anan arrived, he saw other co-workers who were also first responders trying to revive the woman, he joined in with the life-saving efforts in an attempt to save the woman’s life.

The group of first responders initiated CPR and Anan administered heart compressions. After approximately two minutes, the group Anan and his fellow EMTs alternated positions. A defibrillator was brought over and two shocks were administered to the patient followed by more chest compressions.  

After a few more rounds of compressions, a mobile intensive care ambulance arrived at the scene with paramedics. The woman received an additional two shocks from the defibrillator and that is when the paramedics along with Anan and the EMTs gave the woman another 2 shocks to revive her. The patient regained her pulse and was stabilized to allow for her to be transported to the nearest hospital.

“The reason I took an EMT course in order to help people suffering from medical emergencies. Today was my first successful CPR as an EMT. I felt so happy when we were able to revive the woman. My colleagues and I worked together flawlessly and our early intervention made a big difference in saving her life. It was an experience that will drive me to keep going to more emergencies in the near future.’’  

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