Last Saturday night at 11:30 PM, Daniel Klughaupt had just gone to sleep when he received an urgent alert about a woman who had collapsed in his own building!  Literally jumping out of bed, Daniel, while still in his pajamas, rushed to the 8th-floor apartment, arriving in 60 seconds! He found a panicked man beside his 86 year-old mother who lay on the bed with no sign of life. The experienced medic quickly checked for a pulse and finding none, immediately began CPR and radioed for backup. Klughaupt, who hails from Springfield, Massachusetts, currently lives in Ramat Gan where he volunteers as an EMT with United Hatzalah, Israel’s national volunteer EMS organization.

Additional volunteer EMTs arrived and the team performed intense chest compressions and systematic ventilations, bring critical oxygen to the woman’s brain and throughout her body. An ambulance crew eventually arrived and joined the rescue effort. After 20 minutes, some cardiac activity was detected and the team continued the battle for the woman’s life, with her sons looking on with hope and fear. Finally, after 40 minutes of strenuous CPR, a stable pulse returned and the woman was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Daniel Klughaupt
Daniel Klughaupt

Just two days later, Daniel was alerted to a man with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) who was experiencing severe shortness of breath. Daniel jumped on his ambucycle and raced to the nearby address. He arrived in under 2 minutes. The man was relieved by Daniel’s rapid response. The veteran medic quickly administered high-flow oxygen and reassured the terrified individual. Within minutes, the man’s breathing eased considerably and Daniel carefully monitored his condition as they waited for the ambulance. Suddenly, Daniel’s neighbor from the 8th floor walked in, took one look at Daniel and said to him “What are you doing here?”  With a slight grin and a nod to his oxygen tank, Daniel replied “What are YOU doing here?”, to which the man responded, “2 days ago you saved my mother and now you are helping my brother, amazing!”

The brothers were duly impressed with this medic who helped their family twice in two days.  About a week later, Daniel heard from his neighbor that his mother was in stable condition, his brother was feeling much better, and both were recuperating well.

Eli Beer, Founder and President of United Hatzalah commented on the turn of events. “This is precisely why we started this organization, to have a qualified EMS responder in every neighborhood, on every street corner in the country. These trained EMTs, paramedics, and doctors respond to emergencies in their community helping save the lives of their family, their friends, their neighbors and passersby who are in need of medical assistance. Due to our community-based response model and the amazing work of our volunteers like Daniel, this family, as well as many others, will get the immediate care they need within 3 minutes or less. That is what United Hatzalah is all about.”