We at United Hatzalah send a big MAZAL TOV to Ethan Thurm and his family! Ethan created a MyMitzvah ambucycle campaign to celebrate his bar mitzvah and in honor of his cousin Ezra Schwartz (may Ezra’s memory be a blessing). Ethan is also continuing Ezra’s legacy of giving to saving lives in Israel because Ezra also donated an ambucycle for his bar mitzvah to United Hatzalah.

Below is the amazing  letter Ethan sent out to his friends and family thanking them for their support on the huge success of his campaign. This is a very special young man.

“Dear Friends,

My name is Ethan Thurm. Some of you know me, or maybe my parents. Others may know Ezra Schwartz or his immediate family. Some of you don’t know our family at all, but we are all connected. We all contributed to a beautiful tribute for my cousin, Ezra.


Senselessly murdered by a Palestinian terrorist on November 19, Ezra leaves a legacy of life. For his Bar Mitzvah in 2010, Ezra and his friends dedicated an ambucycle to United Hatzalah in Israel. This ambucycle has been used in life-saving first-responder emergencies, and, thanks to your support, another ambucycle will soon be saving lives in Ezra’s memory.

For my Bar Mitzvah project you have generously and lovingly donated to a wonderful cause. Not just because it is in honor of Ezra, but because Hatzolah is an amazing organization. Using specially equipped motorcycle ambulances, Hatzolah’s network of more than 2,500 volunteer medics help save thousands of lives each year across Israel by providing medical treatment in three minutes or less. The humanitarian services are free, universal, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your support has given me some measure of happiness and comfort in a very dark time. Each day my family and I check the progress of the “In Honor of Ezra” campaign, and the tremendous success is very exciting. We should come together not just in times of grief, but in happiness as well.We are all connected and I appreciate each and every one of you!

Thank you,

Ethan Thurm
Tammy and Donny Thurm”