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Danny Shmuel receives his new “mini-lance” at the United Hatzalah annual Sukkot Concert in Jerusalem last week

Danny Shmuel was injured in a serious motorcycle accident in 2000. After a long period of rehabilitation, Shmuel was able to walk again with the help of crutches. His handicap does not prevent him from volunteering as an EMT with United Hatzalah and saving lives.


Shmuel serves as the chapter head of United Hatzalah for Tel Aviv a city that has seen a groundswell of new volunteers in the past year. In spite of his handicap, Shmuel rushes to every emergency that takes place in his vicinity in order to provide medical assistance for others in their moments of need. However, he has had to struggle with his crutches and it does slow him down occasionally.

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Danny Shmuel, Ruti Oren and Eli Beer on stage for the presentation.

On Monday night, during United Hatzalah’s annual Sukkot concert in Jerusalem, the organization honored Shmuel’s dedication to saving others by presenting him with a new vehicle aimed at helping him arrive at the scene of emergencies faster, the “Mini-lance”. This small mini-ambulance runs on electricity and can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour and due to its small size, it will be far easier to navigate traffic, park on the crowded streets of Tel Aviv and help Shmuel arrive faster.


President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said: “We are continually astonished by the dedication and selfless devotion that Danny shows in his effort to save lives. That is why we decided to present him with the new “Mini-lance”, which will allow him to navigate the tight and traffic-heavy streets of Tel Aviv and  arrive at the location of where he needs to be to help others.”

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The new “mini-lance”

Beer added that in the near future, the organization will be spreading a fleet of the new vehicles across the country to help facilitate faster response times and cut down on fuel emissions to help protect the environment.