It was 3:20 AM one August morning when UH volunteer and Cantor Shlomo Glick was awakened by an apologetic caller: “I’m so sorry, but my wife is bleeding heavily from her foot – could you come?” It was only a small wound and the man didn’t want to call United Hatzalah when he thought it just needed to be well-bandaged. Shlomo half-asleep, got out of bed and sped quickly to the address on his incredible ambucycle.

The anxious husband ushered him in, and the experienced medic saw a large pool of blood surrounding a young woman, gushing out from a cut in her foot. Something was very wrong. Adrenaline kicking in, Shlomo quickly pressed hard on the area with a bandage but the white cotton only turned to crimson as the blood continued to flow. The situation was desperate and Shlomo grabbed a tourniquet to force the blood to stop.


The woman had lost a lot of blood and her blood pressure was dropping to dangerous levels. The woman was rushed to hospital in a precarious state. Shlomo returned home but couldn’t sleep, full of concern over the young woman and hoping she would be okay.

The husband phoned Shlomo the next morning and his voice broke with tears as he told Shlomo that doctors said his actions undoubtedly saved her life. She had a severe vascular disease that could have drained life from her body in minutes.

This young woman is back with her husband and her 5 young children thanks to Shlomo and his ambucycle.