Moshe Asulin, is an exceptionally dedicated volunteer who is full of stories to tell about his lifesaving ambucycle.

One Friday, Moshe was shopping for Shabbos in Mahane Yehuda Shuk when United Hatzalah dispatch alerted him to an emergency. Jumping onto his ambucycle, Moshe sped through the thick, rush-hour traffic to arrive at the address in minutes. A concerned man explained that his elderly neighbor hadn’t come to pick up his post for a number of days. Using all his strength, the resourceful medic managed to burst through the door, and immediately a strong smell hit him in the face. Heart sinking, Moshe thought that it was long over as he searched the apartment for the body.

ner shlishi

He was surprised to find the elderly man on the floor between the bed and the wall, still alive! He had apparently suffered a stroke and was semi-conscious, barely hanging onto life. Moshe lifted the unfortunate man off the floor and administered fluids for re-hydration and oral glucose. Once his condition stabilized, the United Hatzalah volunteer changed the man’s dirty pajamas to fresh, clean clothes. The ambulance eventually arrived and a doctor amongst the crew was very definite: A couple more minutes and the man would not have survived.