One young Chatan at the beginning of March put his foot down wrong on his wedding night. Apparently, as he stomped on the customary glass cup under the Chuppah a sharp point pierced the side of his fancy shoe and sliced his foot. The call went out and ambucycle medic Yoni Bashari on ambucycle 248 was on scene within 2 minutes. He staunched the bleeding but realized the Chatan still needed stitches.

Yoni reached out our partners in the TEREM clinic at nearby Icholov Hospital and informed them that, along with a United Hatzalah paramedic, he would be escorting a Chatan in need of extreme VIP service. Given the special working relationship that United Hatzalah has with the TEREM network the request was granted and the Chatan, who received 7 stiches, was back at the wedding hall in under a half hour.

Sometimes Hatzalah volunteers save lives. This time they saved a wedding. 🙂