On Monday evening just before 6:00 p.m., a baby girl was found trapped inside a car in the city of Ramla. The little girl had been accidentally forgotten there by her parents creating a dangerous situation.

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Avraham (middle) with Mayor Vidal (left) and Eli Pollack (right)

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT, Avraham Arnon, lives and works in the city of Ramla, where he actively responds to emergency incidents. Some months this awe-inspiring EMT, who is a martial arts instructor and an ambulance driver for a private company, responds to over 200 medical emergencies. On Monday evening, Avraham was being recognized by the Mayor of Ramla for his incredible dedication and service to the people of the city when he received the alert regarding the emergency.

The notification came in just as Avraham was reaching the Town Hall. He selflessly put the award ceremony on hold and focused on saving the endangered child. Avraham switched on his lights and sirens and turned his ambulance around in the direction of the incident.

Avraham’s training as a Yedidim volunteer, an organization that provides free roadside assistance, and specialized equipment allowed him to safely open the locked car without causing damage to the vehicle and rescue the fretful baby girl. He then picked up the baby girl and handed her back to her distraught mother.

After the incident was over, Avraham returned to the Town Hall to receive his award. A special certificate was awarded to him by the mayor of Ramla, Michael Vidal. Also in attendance were the CEO of United Hatzalah Eli Pollack, the organization’s Spokesperson Moti Elmaliach, Ramla Chapter Head Aryeh Mendelson, and Director of the municipal Welfare Department Moshit Cohen. Mayor Vidal said that the certificate was being awarded to Avraham for his incredible contributions on behalf of the residents of the city in providing emergency medical response whenever it was needed.

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Avraham receiving the certificate

Avraham acknowledged his wife’s support for him and for his commitment to United Hatzalah at the event saying, “It’s all thanks to my amazing wife that I can volunteer as much as I do. She supports my volunteering and accepts it and because of that, I can help others and save lives each day.”

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