It was Wednesday afternoon when a builder, who was working on the unfinished second story of a building, fell over the edge and crashed to the floor below. Witnesses urgently call for help.

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Avi Amar from Ashdod was resting at home after a busy police shift when he was alerted to the emergency. The dedicated volunteer instantly brushed off his weariness, grabbed his helmet and dashed to his ambucycle. Avi sped past traffic and raced to the location in record time.

Rushing inside with his medical kit, Avi found the 45-year-old victim lying motionless on the floor, suffering from a significant head wound. The United Hatzalah volunteer EMT expertly staunched the bleeding and bandaged the wound. He provided initial stabilization and prepped the victim for transport to the trauma center.

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Avi Amar on his ambucycle

Avi is one of the most active volunteers in the Ashdod area and due to the unique abilities of his driving prowess and his ambucycle to cut through traffic, Avi is often the first on scene at motor vehicle accidents. In one particularly challenging call, a vehicle was driving on a primitive overpass in Nir Galim when it tumbled off the side. Avi once again raced to the location, his ambucycle enabling him to drive safely down the confining path. Avi found the car on its side after having sustained significant structural damage. The United Hatzalah volunteer found the victim suffering from multiple wounds, including suspected spinal injuries. He affixed a neck brace and then began to check for broken bones. An ambulance arrived and was waiting farther away where the road was wider, and Avi assisted as the victim was carried to the ambulance for transport to the hospital.

“Emergencies happen all around us at all times. It is hard to know that these things are happening and do nothing. I feel that it is a responsibility to help others and treat those who require medical attention whenever and wherever I can. My ambucycle helps me do that, as does my experience as a first responder,” said Amar.