Over the month of November, a new project began that will empower the next generation of community leaders to build a strong and successful support network of young professional philanthropists in the United States. The project dubbed the ’30 Under 30; Doing Well & Doing Good’  includes business leaders under the age of 30 that are committed to supporting the emergency medical service work of United Hatzalah of Israel.

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The exclusive group of inductees have already proven their mettle by committing to raise or contribute significant funds to Israel’s national emergency first response organization United Hatzalah. Now, the young leaders will join together to raise further awareness and funds for the organization by engaging their peers and promoting the work that the organization does, both in Israel and around the globe. To assist them, Friends of United Hatzalah of Israel is organizing mentors for the young leaders to help guide them in both their philanthropic and business endeavors. The first mentor that will be meeting with the group is CEO and Co-Founder of Global Credit Advisers, Steve Hornstein.  

Each participant has been hand-picked based on their professional achievements paired with their fund-raising commitments and will be given access to esteemed mentors in order to empower them to grow the organization in their own communities. They will work individually and together to build a network of support across the United States.  

The mentors include such personalities as Mark Gerson, Miriam Klein-Feldt, Raanan Agus and others, many of whom make up the International leadership of United Hatzalah.

The 30 Under 30 group is expected to meet on a monthly basis to brainstorm and exchange business strategies and ideas with regard to how to build the organizational brand in their own communities. By using their own expertise, and the combined expertise of one another, these leaders are about to make a very large social impact.

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said: “I cannot stress how much weight our organization puts in developing the philanthropic ideals of the previous generation into the leaders of tomorrow. These select few will help us achieve the dual goal of tightening the bond between U.S. and Israeli Jewry as well as saving lives. It inspires me to see such fervor among the next generation and a strong understanding of their own communal responsibility towards all people in Israel regardless of religion, race, gender or politics. Their work will stand as a sigil for all of humanity to look up to and I am excited to see what innovative ideas this new team comes up with.”   

One of the members of the group David Kauffman spoke about the reasoning for his participation in the initiative. “The idea of joining a group of like-minded young professionals in the literal life-saving work of UH is an opportunity to partake in Tikkun Ha-Olam, repairing the world; a mission one can never start too young”

The 30 Under 30 cohort of 2018/19 includes: Jacob Avner Baruch,  Yaron Benchlouch, Josh & Ellie Blisko, Ayelet Cohen, Isaac Dweck, Dov Eckstein, Jasmine Einalhori, Ari Freedman, Sheldon Frenkel, Alex Goldberg, Dovid Guidry, Andre Hass, Samantha Hass, Zevy Hoffman, Leah Hoffman, AJ Jungreis, David Kaufman, Sharona Eisenreich Laster, DC Lowinger, Yaeli Lowinger, Ralph Mizrahi, Aliza Romanoff, Eli Romanoff, Rose Spiegel,  Avi Stern, Elizabeth Sutton, Joe Teplow, Amanda Uziel and Renee Willett.

For more information on the project please see: https://israelrescue.org/30under30.php