Internal Security Minister of Israel MK Gilad Erdan, inaugurated the national dispatch and command center for United Hatzalah at the organization’s national headquarters in Jerusalem early Monday afternoon.

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The dispatch and command center provides the first response to medical emergencies across Israel. Our dispatchers send EMS volunteer responders, who are spread all throughout the country, to the emergencies that are closest to their location in order to provide the fastest possible medical treatment to any sick or injured person. The command center also dispatches United Hatzalah volunteers overseas during international aid missions as well as the organization’s chapter of volunteers in Ukraine.

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Minister Erdan blessed the organization and its volunteers for their work. “In today’s day and age,” said the Minister, “thanks to the strength of the IDF, the main fight is not a fight to maintain our borders but rather on the homefront where our enemies have focused their attention. As the security challenges increase, so does our need for the spirit of volunteerism. United Hatzalah is a symbol of that volunteering spirit and of the dedication needed to save lives. Nowhere else in the world can this combination of the extremely high level of professionalism as well as advanced technology be found like it is right here. On Chanukah, we remember the victory of the Maccabees and the Jewish spirit that they imbued in our nation. The volunteers of United Hatzalah continue this path in our day and age.”

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President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli beer said: “We would like to thank Minister Erdan who honored us for this special occasion, and for his consistent support of our organization and its volunteers. Minister Erdan is revolutionizing Israel’s security infrastructure in a way that is bringing about a significant and positive change for every citizen of Israel. He sees United Hatzalah’s national network of volunteers as a major part of his overarching plan, one that provides a significant increase to communal and national security in Israel. Being recognized as a rescue organization under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Security has significantly empowered our national network of volunteer first responders and helped us to increase our activities country-wide.”

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