Ram Oz is a 2-meter-tall combat veteran and extreme-sport enthusiast from Hod Hasharon who volunteers as a United Hatzalah EMT and drives one of the organization’s ambucycles. 


Recently this past Friday night, Ram responded to a stabbing incident. He zoomed over to the location on his ambucycle and saw that the attacker was a psychiatric patient who had stabbed himself in the abdomen. Ram secured the weapon and with remarkable gentleness bandaged the troubled man’s wound, stopping the bleeding and stabilizing the patient. Police officers and an ambulance then arrived on scene. Ram assisted as the victim was placed inside the ambulance to be taken to the hospital for medical and psychiatric follow-up.


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Ram and his ambucycle

At another call on Friday night, Ram and his wife were out at a restaurant when Ram received the alert that a man was speeding on his electric bicycle along a darkened road when he lost control and crashed. Two boys who witnessed the crash called for help.  Already familiar with the alerts and her husband’s activities, Ram and his wife quickly dashed out of the restaurant, slipping some money to the waiter to cover the meal. Ram and his wife hopped on his ambucycle and powered down the street, racing to the accident. They soon arrived at the location, but it was dark and the street appeared to be empty. Ram then saw two boys waving him over to a ditch at the side of the road. He pulled up and shone his ambucycle’s beams towards the ditch. He saw the 30-year-old victim lying partially obscured by shadows, and despite the darkness, the United Hatzalah medic saw the extent of the man’s head injury. Ram asked his wife to keep the youths away from the grisly sight as he quickly opened the medical kit on his ambucycle and stepped down into the ditch to begin treatment.


The rider was unconscious and had not been wearing a helmet. He sustained multiple wounds all over his body and a traumatic large gash to his head. Ram expertly affixed a neck brace and then grabbed his ambucycle’s IV kit and used the sterile saline solution to cleanse the victim’s head wound, rinsing away the dirt before tightly bandaging it. Ram then stabilized the victim, mindful that during the entire time his wife was keeping the youths away and diverting their attention. An ambulance arrived, and Ram assisted as the victim was immobilized on a backboard and transferred inside to be transported to the hospital. He then returned to his wife and the teens, thanking everyone for their appropriate response during a tense call.


This brave and dedicated volunteer saves lives whenever and wherever needed.