About a month ago, a cement truck overturned on the Nachal Tzeilim roadway near the entrance to Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel. United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Avraham Levinger raced over on his ambucycle and began initial treatment and assessment for the wounded 35-year-old driver. A United Hatzalah ambulance crew arrived and in the shortest possible time the man was treated and prepped for transport.


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Avraham next to his ambucycle

Just last Tuesday, also in Beit Shemesh, a factory worker was in an acoustic ceiling crawl space when the material gave way beneath him and he fell to the floor below. Avarham immediately sped to the scene. The 38-year-old man had landed on his back and suffered a sharp blow to his head. He was in such excruciating pain that he was beginning to lose focus. Another volunteer joined Avraham at the factory as well as a responding ambulance crew. The team carefully immobilized the man, placed him on a stretcher and transferred him into the ambulance for transport.


A short while later, Avraham was alerted to a severe accident on the highway and quickly hopped back on his ambucycle. It was late afternoon and the roads were filled with the usual rush-hour traffic, but his nimble vehicle enabled him to whizz around the heavy congestion.  Avraham was the first responder to arrive on scene and was met by a frightening sight. A bus had crashed into an electricity pylon and the huge tower had collapsed onto the vehicle! There was a very real danger of electrocution as the pylon emitted flashes and minor explosions. The United Hatzalah medic distanced onlookers, ensuring scene safety until police and fire departments arrived. The bus thankfully had no passengers and the driver managed to escape without injury.

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Later that same evening, Avraham was working nonstop due to the massive Ethiopian protests going on in the area.  Many people trapped in their standstill vehicles began to feel ill from lack of water and stress. Elderly people and children were particularly vulnerable. Avraham responded to a convulsing baby and another child who had fainted. He also used his ambucycle to race to the scene when protesters sprayed tear gas right into a full intercity bus. An elderly couple was so badly affected that they began to lose consciousness. Avraham helped the couple out into the fresh air and monitored their condition until their breathing normalized.


Wherever and whenever someone needs help, if Avraham is nearby he will rush out to provide whatever assistance he can.


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