A few days ago the UH volunteers had a pre-Hanukkah event in Modiin Illit, where every volunteer received one of the handy Resqme tools. This handy little device fits a key chain but can break a car window and cut a seat belt in a move in case of emergency.

Only a day later a volunteer, Itzik Hillel called in with the following story. In the morning Itzik got a call about a child locked in a car. After racing to the scene he discovered an only one month-old infant alone in a locked vehicle – after quickly checking for the parents he took out his newly acquired tool and safely shattered a car window, freeing the baby.

The baby, thankfully enough, was in a good condition and was taken to a health clinic where she was monitored for exhaustion.

Both in Israel and in the US dozens of children die because they are forgotten in the car. Prevent such tragedies by watching out for others and putting a sticker on your own vehicle’s driver side window!