It was 10:38 in the morning when the driver of ambucycle 249, David’s walkie talkie alerted him to an emergency. Leaping onto his ambucycle and racing along the roads, he arrived at the address in under two minutes! There he found a semi-conscious woman lying in bed, pale and obviously ill, attached to an oxygen concentrator that had apparently malfunctioned.

She was barely breathing, and your partner didn’t waste a second, immediately administering oxygen and keeping her alive as he took her vital signs. Color immediately began to return to the ill woman’s face as the life-giving oxygen circulated around her body and her oxygen levels increased significantly.

It was over half an hour later when the ambulance crew arrived to thank the United Hatzalah volunteer for arriving so quickly to provide oxygen. There was no doubt in their minds that had he not been there, the story would have ended completely differently.