Ambucycle # 434 is often spotted racing the streets of Jerusalem on the way to save a life. Its driver, Avi Becker, responds to emergency calls every day.

Avi received a dispatch about a vehicular accident involving a truck. His ambucycle was immediately speeding to the scene, arriving in under a minute. A flatbed truck hauling a tractor had  spun off an embankment after the driver lost control of the vehicle. The driver had sustained minor injuries and was in a state of near-hysteria; he was very relieved to see the United Hatzalah medic arrive to take control of the situation.


Avi responded to another dispatch last week in the middle of the night. At 3:00 AM, he was alerted that a woman was in labour, and he immediately sprang out of bed and was on his ambucycle. Within minutes he arrived at the woman’s home. The birth was imminent. The fetus was lying in a breech position and it was a long, difficult and dangerous struggle to bring it out into the world. The baby was blue when it was finally born, the umbilical cord wrapped around its’ neck; Avi immediately cut the cord and helped the baby breathe. Today this family is happy and whole with a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

This story could’ve had a very different ending. The ambucycle, together with our volunteer’s skill and commitment, saved this baby’s life and turned a looming tragedy into a celebration of life.

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