United Hatzalah and Terem Medical Clinics have recently reached a partnership agreement in which United Hatzalah ambulance team leaders can perform their clinical training during shifts in select Terem urgent care clinics throughout Israel.

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United Hatzalah volunteers working outside of Terem during a snowstorm in Jerusalem

“The goal of our partnership is to fulfill our commitment to the Health Ministry for our ambulance team leaders to do 2 shifts in an urgent care clinic” said Itzik Hacmon, Project Manager of United Hatzalah’s Medical Department and a volunteer paramedic with the organization. “Terem was happy to have our ambulance team leaders join the shifts of their urgent care clinics across the country. At the same time we are proud to have found such a worthy partner who is equally dedicated to quality patient care as we are,” Hacmon added.

This arrangement is just the first phase of this partnership according to Hacmon. “The second phase that we are working on currently is to have our volunteer EMTs also be able to join their urgent care teams and provide medical assistance and extra manpower when needed. We are looking to create a long-term partnership with them that will be a mutually beneficial relationship with both organizations. These clinics tend to see a wide variety of medical and trauma cases that will add to the experience of our ambulance team leaders and EMTs”

The new project is set to launch this week and will be expand to various Terem locations across the country. Terem Romema in Jerusalem, Terem Beer Sheva, Terem Ichilov in Bnei Brak, and the clinics in Carmiel, Ashdod and Modi’in.

Tzur Admon who is the Director of the Terem Urgent Care Clinics in the Jerusalem Region also spoke about the mutually beneficial partnership with United Hatzalah. “We are happy to have been able to open our doors and help provide professional enrichment for ambulance team leaders who have finished their course and require shift work as mandated by the Health Ministry. The partnership with United Hatzalah is one that not only helps further the goals of both organizations who work hand in hand in the field but will also help the patients themselves. By having ambulance team leaders attain a higher level of training we are serving those who need us most.”

The Terem urgent care project is the latest addition to United Hatzalah’s emergency room training projects which already exists in 11 hospitals around the country and aims at giving EMT volunteers experience in a wide range of medical and trauma cases. In the current hospital emergency room project, volunteer EMTs receive additional hands-on training while assisting nurses and doctors with triage and procedures required with emergency patients. The Terem urgent care project is the first of its kind that will allow United Hatzalah ambulance team leaders to train in urgent care conditions and fulfill their regulated requirements as set out by the Health Ministry.