On Monday, United Hatzalah delivered five ambulances to the IDF medical corps in response to an urgent request from the army.

Since the early hours of the October 7th attack, United Hatzalah’s medical teams have worked tirelessly in close collaboration with the IDF medical corps and the 669 search and rescue unit, performing rescues under heavy fire from Hamas terrorists and swiftly transporting hundreds of severely injured patients to hospitals by both ambulance and helicopter.

The influx of terrorists infiltrating Israeli territory and the resulting high number of injured individuals also prompted United Hatzalah to provide additional medical supplies and protective equipment to IDF teams on the ground.

In preparation for the continuation of the war, the IDF recently approached United Hatzalah to request five ambulances. On Monday, the organization brought five fully-equipped ambulances to a military base, handing over the keys to the IDF medical corps.

Dovie Maisel, VP of Operations of United Hatzalah, said, “Israel is at war. United Hatzalah has been a significant component of the war effort through its medical response since the early hours of October 7th, in close cooperation with the IDF. This delivery of ambulances is another layer of our contribution, and we will continue to do whatever is necessary to assist the country.“

Eli Beer, President and Founder of United Hatzalah, added, “United Hatzalah is actively supporting the IDF not only with medical supplies, equipment, defibrillators, and monitors but also by providing ambulances. On Monday, we proudly delivered five ambulances to the IDF. These vehicles will be deployed to the front lines to treat soldiers engaged in combat as they defend our homeland. Our best wishes go out to our soldiers. United Hatzalah will acquire additional ambulances to replace those delivered to the army and will continue its lifesaving operations throughout Israel during this ongoing conflict and beyond.”

Since the beginning of the war, United Hatzalah medical teams have treated over 3,000 soldiers and civilians and provided more than 900 soldiers, civilians, and volunteers with psychological first aid. The organization also delivered over 30 tons of medical supplies and humanitarian aid to the IDF and residents of southern Israel.