Today we had the honor to witness Jose Donderis who serves as the Chief of SINAPROC (The National Protection & Civil Defense and Home Front Command of Panama) present United Hatzalah’s President and Founder Eli Beer with an award honoring the organizational partnership shared between the two in saving lives.   The award was given due to the collaboration in life-saving in recent years between the two organizations in the small Central American Country. “Task of saving lives is the highest priority of first responders in both organizations who have shown professionalism and teamwork,” said Donderis.

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Donderis presents Beer and members of United Hatzalah of Panama with the award

Mr. Donderis received a blessing from Chief Rabbi of Panama, Rabbi David Perets, who is a supporter of United Hatzalah of Panama and bequeathed the blessing in the presence of its volunteers.

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said on the momentous occasion that: “It is a great honor to receive this award from the head of the Home Front Command in Panama. The relationship between what you at the Homefront command do and what the United Hatzalah of Panama volunteers do every day is incredibly successful and one of a kind. I am proud to bring this back to Israel and display it in our headquarters to share with all of the volunteers in Israel. I know that our two organizations save lives together here and I want to say Kol Hakavod to you for your part in helping us help others.

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Donderis and Beer meet with members of United Hatzalah of Panama

“Thank you for helping to save lives in Panama,” said Donderis. “You have a great team that does great work to help all the people of Panama. We look forward to continuing to save lives with you here in Panama.”

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United Hatzalah’s Chapter in Panama opened in 2012 and boasts close to 100 volunteer responders that include EMTs and paramedics. The chapter is looking to expand and train additional responders in the coming months.

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