On Tuesday, in the middle of receiving a haircut in her hometown of Ra’anana, United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Shiran Finder received a notification from the national dispatch center alerting her that a person nearby had collapsed and was unconscious. Shiran who already had dye packs in her hair, rushed out of the Nir Adir Hair Lounge to help treat the person whose location had been identified as being on the opposite side of the street from the hair salon.

Shiran together with another United Hatzalah first responder following the incident on Tuesday
Shiran together with another United Hatzalah first responder following the incident on Tuesday

Upon arrival just a few seconds later, Finder found the patient semi-conscious and in need of medical assistance. She began treatment. As other first responders arrived at the scene they did a double take noticing Finder’s attire of a salon gown and dye packs in her hair.


“I felt the need for a change and I wanted to get my hair done so I went to the salon today,” Finder commented after the incident. “While the hairdresser was wrapping my hair in silver foil dye packs I got the call about an unconscious patient just a few meters away from my location. How could I not go out and help when the location of the incident read 0.0 kilometers away?”


Finder added “I didn’t hesitate for even a moment. Even though I must have looked ridiculous I ran out and was prepared to begin CPR compressions. Luckily when I arrived I found the person conscious, and I certainly heard chuckling from all directions, but hey I went out to save a life while layering highlights.”


When hearing of the incident, President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said, “Finder is one of our highly energetic and tenacious EMTs who is always looking to help people however she can. She is consistently one of the first to respond to any medical emergency in her vicinity, large or small. Recently, she has been accompanying EMS trainees on calls in order to help them build their experience and the organization hopes that some of her enthusiasm rubs off on the trainees as well. This incident just goes to show how dedicated Shiran and the other volunteers like her truly are. No matter what is happening or how it looks, our volunteers drop everything to save a life. That is what makes us special. That is what makes us strong.”


Finder’s emergency call was one of 11 calls that took place in Ra’anana on Tuesday, and one of more than 800 that the organization responded to across the country that day.