President and Founder of United Hatzalah, Eli Beer, met with senior members of the Republican Party and presented them with vivid first-hand testimonies of the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel’s Gaza-border communities on October 7th.

The meetings took place on Saturday night on the sidelines of the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Leadership Summit that was held in Las Vegas. The summit was attended by leading US presidential candidates, Senators, and Representatives from the Republican Party, including Former President Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and newly elected House leader Mike Johnson. In addition to the meetings, Beer spoke to the gathered crowd from the stage and presented shocking testimonies of his own, as well as other first responders, regarding the atrocities committed by Hamas during the October 7th massacre. Beer’s aim was to garner broad support among lawmakers ahead of the upcoming Senate vote on a massive military aid package to Israel.

During his meeting with Former President Trump, Beer revealed recordings, photos, and videos from the scenes of the attack taken by United Hatzalah volunteers. He recounted the story of an EMT first responder who was murdered while providing medical aid at the music festival in Re’im, of his wife, a paramedic in training, who went out to the field and saved 41 people, as well as the story of the 10-months-old twins who were rescued from their house after being left alone for 14 hours when their parents were murdered in cold blood by Hamas terrorists. Horrified and shaken by these testimonies, Trump embraced Beer, requesting that Beer convey his admiration and support to the first responders who saved countless lives while putting their own lives on the line.

“From the onset of the attack, thousands of United Hatzalah volunteers risked their lives going into the line of fire to save Israeli civilians and soldiers”, said Beer upon his arrival in the US. “We are now witnessing attempts by the Hamas propaganda machine to deny and minimize the magnitude of these massacres to improve its international standing during the war, and it is our obligation, as those who bore witness to these barbaric acts, to garner unwavering support for Israel from US decision-makers. This issue is not one that is a political issue, it is a human issue, and every one, on all sides of the political spectrum, in every country, needs to stand up to the perpetrators of these vile acts and say in a loud and clear voice, no more.”