In a recent encounter, volunteer EMT Gad Amar, hailing from Ofakim, was reunited with a policeman whose life he saved on the bloody Shabbat of October 7th.

On the morning of October 7th, at 6:30 A.M., Amar was awakened by a sudden barrage of rockets directed at Ofakim. Approximately half an hour later, the sound of heavy gunfire became audible not far from his house. As a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT and a reserve combat officer in the IDF, Amar felt a sense of duty to respond and provide assistance. He instructed his family to stay in their protective room and lock the doors, donned his protective vest and helmet, and proceeded toward the source of the gunfire. Unarmed, he encountered a combat soldier on leave who was armed and decided to proceed together. After a brief walk, lasting about ten minutes, they reached the site of the incident.

Terrorists were firing with assault rifles in every direction. The pair coordinated with police officers already at the scene to secure the area and search for potential casualties. Shortly after that, a group of four Yasam police officers arrived in an armored vehicle and engaged the terrorists. Following an intense exchange of gunfire, three individuals sustained injuries. Amar attended to the policeman who was most seriously injured and instructed others how to treat those who were more lightly injured. The policeman had been shot in the waist and was experiencing profuse bleeding. The volunteer packed the wound to stop the bleeding.

Due to the unavailability of ambulances in the vicinity, the EMT instructed policemen and civilians at the scene to transport the three injured Yasam policemen in the armored police vehicle, while he stayed in the field and continued to go from one area to another to treat the injured.

On Thursday last week, Amar reunited with the policeman in a touching encounter at Soroka Hospital. The policeman’s family members were moved to tears when the volunteer entered the hospital room in his reserve uniform and EMT vest and hugged the Yasam officer, who expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you, you simply saved my life.” Amar responded, “I did my job as an EMT. You and your team also saved many Ofakim residents by promptly arriving at the scene and focusing the terrorists’ attention on this one area, so we both saved lives that day.”