Some time ago UH volunteer Avraham Forges was alerted by United Hatzalah to an unconscious man who had collapsed while shopping. Jumping onto his speedy ambucycle, Avraham was there in minutes, quickly joined by 3 other United Hatzalah volunteers. A 35 year-old man was lying on the floor, without breathing, without a pulse; the man was clinically dead.

Not wasting a second, the United Hatzalah volunteers began CPR, pumping his chest, administering ventilations, and delivering shocks from a defibrillator as they endeavored to keep him alive. Twenty minutes later, the ambulance arrived, and the crew watched the dedicated volunteers sweating and toiling over the man’s unresponsive body. A doctor was part of the crew and he told the United Hatzalah volunteers that there was no hope for the limp body on the floor.

From left to right: Motti’s father, Motti, Motti’s Rav and Avraham, the medic

Avraham heard the comment but didn’t give up. Resolutely he continued to fight for the man’s life. And their perseverance paid off- a heartbeat returned!

Because these volunteers the man, Motti Rosenblatt, is alive today. Because them Motti’s twin daughters, born just the day before he collapsed, will know their father.

Because of them the doctor was inspired to become a United Hatzalah volunteer and had saved many more lives since.

Because of these volunteers an aged Holocaust survivor has not lost his only son Motti.