In August UH volunteer Chezi Roth was alerted by United Hatzalah dispatch that a child had fallen not far from where he lives. He jumped onto his ambucycle and raced to the rescue, arriving in minutes. Frantic neighbors directed him to a 5 year-old boy, lying motionless on the ground, covered with blood. The child had fallen from his 4th floor apartment!

hanukkah 2

The boy was unconscious and couldn’t breathe, blood blocking his airway. Together with 2 other United Hatzalah ambucycle medics, Chezi suctioned the child’s airway, enabling him to breathe on his own. The experienced medics then immobilized the child, setting him on a backboard to prevent further injury. A serious head wound required urgent medical care and Chezi staunched the terrible bleeding, bandaging the injury. When an ambulance arrived almost 10 minutes later, Chezi helped transfer the still-unconscious child to the ambulance to be rushed to hospital.

A few days later Chezi went with the other 2 United Hatzalah volunteers to visit the critically injured child in hospital and did so later every week until the boy was released. He provided support and reassurance to the family as they went through this difficult time. He rejoiced with them as the child slowly recovered and was released from hospital, and is still in close contact with them today. In fact, the boy even attended a United Hatzalah event recently.