Ambucycle #293 is as busy as ever saving lives in Israel with its dedicated driver, David.

A young mother was in hospital with her husband just after childbirth, leaving her 2 year-old son with a babysitter. The babysitter cheerfully packed the little boy off to nursery and waved good-bye as he ran inside happily to play with his friends. Snack time arrived, and disaster struck – in her rush to get to hospital upon the onset of labor, the mother forgot to tell the babysitter that the child was severely allergic to milk and the babysitter provided him with dairy products…

Your partner David responded to the call that went out from United Hatzalah dispatch and jumped on his ambucycle to race to the address. Arriving almost immediately, your partner found the child swollen with hives, pupils dilated, breathing sharp and shallow. The situation was desperate. The kid needed an EpiPen, fast. Another United Hatzalah volunteer remembered a similar case at a nearby school where medics helped a child use his own EpiPen to avert a potential tragedy. A call was placed through to the school, who patched them through to the father of the child, who immediately agreed for them to use it. Within seconds, David was back on his ambucycle as he sped to the address, grabbed the EpiPen, roared back to the nursery, and administered the lifesaving medicine to the gasping child. The reaction was instantaneous as the child began to breathe again; his eyes relaxed, his skin returned to normal and he burst into loud, healthy sobs.

By the time the ambulance arrived the little boy was completely out of danger. It only took 10 minutes for your ambucycle to make its way through the busy roads to the address for the EpiPen and back, but those 10 minutes would have spelled the difference between life and death for the boy.